Vlogging Summit

30+ World’s best Vloggers And Video Marketers

We reveal how to create, publish, market AND profit from vlogging style videos with success

Date: 4-11 Dec 2017

Don´t miss the first Vlogging Success Summit speaker, our own founder of The Vlog Academy, Mi Elfverson!

I will be talking about “How To Face The Fear Of The Camera And Connect With Your Audience”

The Online Vlogging Success Summit is created by Adil Zuberi

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There will be 4-5 sessions every day. The timings are:

  1. Session 1 at 9 AM PDT
  2. Session 2 at 11 AM PDT
  3. Session 3 at 13 PM PDT
  4. Session 4 at 15 PM PDT
  5. Session 5 at 17 PM PDT

You’ll have access to each session for the next 24 hours.

Here’s the official agenda as of today:

Day 1: 4th Dec 2017

  1. How To Face The Fear Of The Camera And Connect With Your Audience – Mi Elfverson
  2. Finding Your Vlogging Focus With “Your One Word” – Evan Carmichael
  3. How To Develop Your Video Personality – Jazmine Graza
  4. Family Vlogging Part 1: How To Support Your Young Child To Succeed At Vlogging – Shona Cole

Day 2: 5th Dec 2017

  1. All Video And Audio Hardware You’ll Ever Need To Be A Successful Vlogger – Justin Brown
  2. The Essentials Of Software And Editing Tools You Need As A Vlogger – Justin Odishow
  3. Tools Of Video Marketing Titans – Lou Bortone
  4. Family Vlogging Part 2: How To Get Necessary Support From Your Parents To Succeed At Vlogging – Annie Rose Cole

Day 3: 6th Dec 2017

  1. Video Storytelling Secrets – Rob Nelson
  2. The Art Of Storytelling At The Production Stage Of Your Vlog – Jonas Stenstrom
  3. Utilize Power Of Livestreams To Increase Audience Engagement – Matt Granite
  4. Family Vlogging Part 3: How To Vlog As A Family With Kids – Nikki Nixon

Day 4: 7th Dec 2017

  1. How To Become Super Visible On YouTube, Get Found In Searches And Get YouTube’s Favor – Sean Cannell
  2. Strategies Of Growing Your Vlog Channel And Getting True Engagement – Owen Video
  3. How To Go Viral And Spread Your Videos Like Wildfire – Brian G. Johnson
  4. How To Collaborate With Influencers The Right Way – Nick Nimmin

Day 5: 8th Dec 2017

  1. Develop A Personal Brand Online With Your Vlogs – Patroick Bet David
  2. How To Monetize Your YouTube Audience From Your Vlogging Channel – Brandon Lucero
  3. How To Generate Leads From YouTube Using Duct Tape Marketing System – Kevin Jordan
  4. How To Create Your YouTube Channel The Right Way From The Start – David Walsh

Note: No Sessions on Saturday 9th Dec and Sunday 10th Dec

Day 6: 11th Dec 2017

  1. How to capitalise email lists and marketing funnels with your Vlog – Navid Moazzez
  2. How To Sell High Ticket Services With Your Vlog – Dan Lok
  3. Selling services to your audience with authority – Jeremy Vest
  4. Unleash The Travel Vlogger Within – Poppy Popescu

Day 7: 12th Dec 2017

  1. How To Grow Your Vlogging Channel With Or Without Software Tools – Andrew Kan
  2. Vlogger’s Guide To Social Media To Sell Anything – Jean Ginzburg
  3. How To Use Your Personality To Grow Your Vlog And Make Money – Nate Punzalan
  4. vlogs can change an artist’s life and career – Martin Hirner

Day 8: Family Vlogging Day 13th Dec 2017

  1. Power Vlogging As A Couple – The Jurgeys
  2. Teen Mom’s Guide To Family Vlogging – Karlee Holden
  3. What Goes Inside Making A Big Family Work As A YouTuber Team – Neysa Brandon

Special LGBT Track

  1. Vlogging as the families of the future – Brandy Black
  2. How to Vlog about your personal life about sensitive topics – Zach Garcia


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