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Voice for Women World Wide

The Women’s Radio Station is based in Covent Garden in London, but it reaches women world wide.

The aim of the channel is to be there for women from all walks, to ask questions, to answer questions, to give women a platform and to support them to get heard. And seen.

Judymay Murphy is listening. Her show is actually called “Judymay Listens” for that reason. It’s a close connection between the listener and the studio and Judymay picks up on questions and thoughts from the audience, and as the super coach and experienced motivational speaker she is, she always has amazing advice and support to give.

I was called in to talk to her about women and visibility. As a video coach, I deal with confidence issues a lot, probably about half of what I do in my training, the other half is the techy stuff. And it always saddens me to hear when women feel they’re not “beautiful enough” to go out on video to share their message. How incredibly weird isn’t it that our looks should stop us from going out there to share what we’re passionate about!

womens radio station

We had an hour’s live radio show to fill and it flew by in no time. We were just chatting away about really interesting topics, everything from where this whole obsession with how women look came from, where does this insecurity come from and who can stop it (women of course)? We went back to tribal days, to investigate women’s position in the tribe and how it reflects on us in modern days. We discussed how we can feel more comfortable and authentic on video.

I love getting more women seen on video. We have this amazing platform where we can get our business seen and heard and we really should make the most of it.

I’m here for advice on how you can increase the quality of your videos as well as your self esteem.

See my training courses for more information, especially the online programme just for women, EYE STORM.


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