Progress and accountability course

Progress and Accountability Mastermind Group

Weekly online group training with Mi Elfverson

Get clarity on your weekly steps to grow your business

Find calm and confidence in yourself and your brand

Feel supported by the feedback directly from Mi and the group

4 WEEK COURSE  (Women only)


Guided sessions and Worksheets for tracking and accountability

Maximum 4 people per group


Monday 15th February 2021 (FULL)

Monday 15th March 2021 (Space)



“I’m utterly thrilled I signed up to Mi’s course, I’m so thankful to her, it’s made me super motivated to get vlogging! Within two weeks of starting it, I had a whole new business, LuinLuLand, and was taking bookings!

The programme is so easy to follow, clear instructions and it really has opened up my eyes to a whole new world – thank you!

I can’t recommend this course enough, it’s definitely worth the journey and the effort!”

Lou Featherstone

You will be part of a small, safe and supportive group of other women.



I’m Mi Elfverson, if you don’t know me already. I’m your Mastermind coach.

If you’re feeling a bit lacklustre, overwhelmed – or simply lonely in what you do, this progress and accountability mastermind group is what you need!

You’ll be working directly with me, Mi Elfverson, Founder of The Vlog Academy, over four weeks online – this can be extended and roll over to the next month, should you wish to continue.

We’re here to find out what you actually should be focussing on during your week, see what’s stopping you, release your blocks and take your business to the next level.


When you sign up
When you sign up, you'll receive the first part of your Workbook. This will build up as we go.

We start with looking at your purpose and bigger goal to ensure we can move you in the right direction.

You'll get access to the Mastermind Website where you can find all new videos and documents.

You'll also be invited to join the private Facebook group where we communicate with each other weekly.

Who will be in your group?

Likeminded female entrepreneurs, who will need your support, but will be supporting you too.

You might not be at the same stage of your business journey, but we all face similar problems, blocks and fears.

The Zoom Call
The four participants will meet with me on Zoom weekly on a set time and day.

Each weekly session is one hour long.

You will also get a focus video each week, to support you to get clarity.

Listening into the other participants' parts will be informative, educational and inspiring for all, and is a very important part of your development. This is what a Mastermind is all about.

After a check-in on what's happening in your world at the moment, we go through what's on your last focus sheet:

What worked and how, what didn't work and why not?

This is a group where you'll get gentle but constructive feedback, not just positive feedback, as it would be pointless.

The Deep Focus Session
We continue into a 12-minute Deep Focus Session together, to get clarity on the most important tasks this week.

This is done in a ground-breaking way, using combined neuroscience and breathing technique - yep, wow!

But don't worry - this is a very simple process, you'll be guided through it and we'll make sure you feel comfortable and get a result.

During a normal meditation, you would focus on clearing your mind. Here, we're working to settle the buzz in your head, but keep a channel open to access the most important matters and your intuition.

After you come out of the session, you fill in your Focus Sheet so you can begin your journey towards clarity with action steps and start making tangible progress.

You'll come out of the session with:

• Clarity on what has worked and not worked so far

• A list of the most important things you need to focus on to progress your business this week

• Confidence that you're on the right track

• Relief that you're not going to waste time

• A sense of clarity, calm and confidence in yourself

• A feeling that you're supported and not alone in what you do


I can’t wait to meet you, although it will be online, and get working together!

If you have any questions, ping me an email on:

Mi, Founder of The Vlog Academy

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