Top tips Metro article on vlogging for tech virgins

How to start out vlogging when you’re a tech virgin

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Brooks, writer of the Virgin Tech column at the newspaper Metro, came to me to ask for advice.

Paul wanted to know as much as possible about videoblogging as quickly as possible.

For him, vlogging was a new world, so of course I directed him to my online crash course in vlogging for beginners!

Judging from Paul’s response, I believe he got smitten with the vlog-bug and he has now claimed that come Christmas, he’s not only going to write his Tech Virgin columns, but also do them in vlog format. Go Paul Brooks!

In essence, my number one tip for a beginner is: just get started.

Do some practicing on your smartphone and don’t feel you have to share your first stumbling steps with the rest of the world.

Keep practicing, share interesting stuff, inspire, engage and most of all – be yourself and have fun!

Click HERE for link to Paul’s article

For the online crash course in vlogging:

online vlog course

Tech Virgin: Social media Luddite Paul Brooks jumps into the world of vlogging


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