Portraits of Cocoa workers, Ecuador

Our amazing video trip to Ecuador to follow the process of the cacao bean and to raise visibility for Galia Orme´s company CHOC Chick feels long gone, however, the good thing is, I have a couple of thousand of photos and many hours of video footage left to indulge in over the winter!

The trip served the purpose of collecting material for CHOC Chick to send out over the year, both for marketing purposes, to raise the company´s visibility, and also to meet the farmer and producers and see first-hand the direct supply chain of their organic raw cacao products; from the organic plantations and the harvesting of the cocoa pods to the production of raw cacao out in Ecuador.

We also visited a UNICEF tent hospital and some support places for victims of the horrendous earthquake that shook this part of the country really badly in April this year.

All people we met were amazing and beautiful. Here are a few shots I particularly like.

LAB_7302BW  LAB_7928BW  LAB_7283BW LAB_7288BW LAB_7294BW LAB_7300BW  LAB_7942BW LAB_7305BW   LAB_7268

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