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Our record: 18 beauty video blogs and lifestyle photos in one day!

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We´ve just finished putting the visual content together for a client; lifestyle photos and 18 beautiful beauty video blogs. 18 videos you say, how long did it take to film all that??

Well, it so happens, that our award winning client just turned out to be a real super trooper in front of the camera; she knows her products really well and she´s absolutely passionate about what she does. So it all flowed naturally and we got all the videos she needed in one day, and all the lifestyle shots!

And this is the beauty of video blogging. People think they need to have a degree from the Royal Academy of Drama to go in front of the camera, but really, all they need is to be themselves and show their passion.

By allowing us to put the professional touch to the video by bringing in our crew and guide her to the best set up, and by letting us film, edit and optimise the videos, we released the whole chunk of thinking about any technicalities from her plate and she could focus on what she does best: present the beauty products she´s passionate about.

We also support with the whole video campaign strategy, so we look at:

  • the competition to see where the company needs to place themselves
  • what type of content would work best for the company
  • how current videos are doing compared to other videos
  • what keywords should be used and created more videos around
  • how to reach the target audience
  • optimisation of all videos (new and old)
  • analysis of how the videos are performing

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