Smartphone video course for business owners

smartphone video course



Time: 10-1pm

How to raise your online profile using smartphone video without spending a fortune on a film crew 🎬

This is a really straight forward non-geeky crash course to break down your fears and kick off your own smartphone video production.

Location: London tbc (Clapham Junction or Soho)

TUTOR: MI ELFVERSON, Founder of the Vlog Academy


I have 30 years of experience from high-end film and TV production, ranging from commercials to TV production.

From James Bond films to Hollywood blockbusters, I am now using my extensive experience to help business owners become the screen superstars they deserve to be.

✅ Do you want to increase your online visibility and raise you personal profile to be seen as a go-to expert in your field?

✅ Do you offer services or coaching and want to find more clients?

✅ Do you have products to sell but you’re not reaching as many people as you would like to?

Video is the most powerful online marketing tool you can have right now – whatever business you’re in.

People love video, and, the social medial algorithms love video too, which is why your video content will be pushed forward much quicker than if you only share written text documents.

The Vlog Academy offers by far the most comprehensive video training platform out there.

😳 Are you confused by the technical setup? No more concerns with my simple tips and tools.

😨 Do you feel like a bunny in the headlights in front of the camera? You’ll soon start enjoying the process (yes, really!)

😱 Are you scared that no one will watch your videos? Not when you’ve done this course.

Everything you need to know to start creating videos for social media and marketing, from camera setup to boosting your video online once it’s filmed.

Start increasing your online visibility and raise you personal profile immediately.

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Find out how you can enhance both video and audio quality by using my cheap and simple kit list

Get some tips and tools to grow your confidence in front of the camera so you can start sharing your passion and expertise

Learn how to connect with your clients on a deeper level and how to optimise your videos so you can grow a larger audience

Record your own videos and edit them, all on your smartphone!

Video is considered the most important content form on social media now, and if you want to raise your company’s visibility, you’ve got to start creating videos.

It’s a great course for business owners as well as digital marketing agencies who want to know more about video to advice their clients.

• Understand the power of social media video
• The basic equipment you need for filming
• Camera Confidence
• How NOT to sell in your videos
• The power of storytelling
• Connecting with your audience
• Getting your videos seen
• Optimising your video
• Introduction to YouTube

General course content:
I take you through all the steps of video production, from camera equipment to optimising your videos online to generate the best return for your business.

Part 1) Setting up

Why you need video for your marketing
What your videos will do for you if you do it the right way
Cameras, tripods, microphones
Lights and Sound

Part 2) The Process

Video categories
Where should you film and why
Content management
What to analyse before, structure, content, branding and more

Part 3) Upwards and Onwards

Transferring and organising the footage
Introduction to editing on your smartphone
YouTube: Channels, tagging, keywords etc

I look forward to seeing you at the course!


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