Shaa Wasmund and the importance of video blogging

Video blogging is The Thing to focus on in 2016

Shaa Wasmund VIDEO

How pleased were we to hear someone like Shaa Wasmund MBE say to our own camera that video blogging is her number one priority this year?!

Of course here at The Vlog Academy, we believe that video blogging (vlogging for short) is the most powerful online marketing tool available – and we also believe that anyone can do their own video blogs.

Shaa Wasmund MBE, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker, has just been named by The Times and The Sunday Times as one of their Top 20 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the UK.

I spent a day at Shaa´s Business Bootcamp in London last weekend and found that the tools she advocates for building up your business and the life you want are right in line with The Vlog Academy´s teachings. Our core belief is that by applying your skills and expertise to your passion you can win the world! You just need to be authentic, and persistent.

We´re running several training courses in video blogging this spring; from beginners´ crash courses to extended training programmes for the serious business vlogger. We also supply any size crew to shoot videos in your own location.

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