How to rank higher on Google through self-searching

how to rank higher on google


Do you feel like an ego surfer, a bit embarrassed, kind of like a self stalker when you do a search for your own name…?

Well, don’t feel bad about it because if you’re in business, it’s actually a must to make sure you appear in the best way and rank higher when people do a Google search for you or your expertise online.

What if you were actively promoting yourself in a small rebellious punk rock band in Berlin ten years ago, but since then you’ve left that world and started up as mindfulness coach in Dorset. If you haven’t done the correct promotional work for yourself, then, when a prospective client does a search for you, there you will be, in your spiky dog choker and ripped anarchy leather jacket in Kreutzberg!

So what can we do to change our appearance on Google and rank higher? You need to make sure that you actively enter your name and brand name in the title of high quality posts, articles and on pages that google rates. And of course, in video titles.


  • Make sure your website has your name and expertise properly featured in the key elements
  • Make sure your Linkedin profile is actively updated
  • Keep writing articles, posts and spread superior searchable content, with your name attached to it


One of the most powerful ways to grab people’s attention, is to have video online. We’re immediately drawn to moving images with colour, shape and form. Add sound, graphic design and a compelling message and you’re on the winning path. And on top of that, Google loves videos, on YouTube, because Google owns YouTube, so they will always promote YouTube videos in searches.


Make sure you have video content that is valuable and pops up when people search for your expertise.

So if you’re a mindfulness coach called Andrew Ramone, you need to have both Mindfulness Coach and Andrew Ramone and your company name in the title of your About video and then add these in the keywords and hashtags in your video. Sharing your expertise in the title is important if you want more organic search hits.

When you do an organic search in Google, there will be a few options on the first page:

First you have the businesses that have paid to rank at the top.

Then there’s usually a map with the nearest suppliers, so it’s important to list yourself on Google Maps if you’re a supplier, and then you have the listings.

At the bottom, you also get videos, if there are any on the search term in direct connection. This is where you want to pop up.

You can also click on the video option in the top menu of course. Often, there’s less competition in the video category than in the text, so here’s your chance to up your ranking significantly.

So don’t be afraid of doing some ego-searching, it’s actually important SEO and marketing work for your brand. Just be careful searching your own name too often, as it can have a negative impact on your ranking.

If you want to find out how to create a simple About video, have a look at our online course, you’ll find out how you can create simple smartphone videos – or if you want a more professional video made, we can produce it, film it and edit it for you.

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