Why you need to be on YouTube, not just Facebook or Instagram


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I´ve had several people in business asking me lately why they need to be on YouTube. They already have a large following on other social media platforms and they feel it´s un-necessary to be on YouTube.

There are quite a few reasons why you need to get videos on YouTube as soon as possible if you want your business to grow.

Let me ask you a few basic questions first:

  • Do you want to build up your business to reach as many people as possible?
  • Do you want to stand out in the competition?
  • Do you want your website to rank higher?
  • Do you want people to find you, even if they don´t know who you are?
  • Do you want to give people a contained space where they can find all your videos, tutorials, tips and promotions so they can choose what to watch in their own time?
  • Do you want to be able to lead people directly from your video to your sales page with one click?
  • Do you want to be seen as an established business and an expert in your field?


If your answer is no to the above, then stay where you feel you have the best connection with your tribe.

If your answer is yes to most of the above, but perhaps you think the following:

  • A business like mine isn´t fit for YouTube
  • My audience doesn´t hang out on YouTube
  • I´m to old to have a YouTube channel
  • YouTube isn´t really a serious business platform
  • I don´t feel like a YouTuber
  • YouTube is just a stand-alone video streaming platform
  • YouTube is mostly for gaming and cat videos


…then let me tell you this:

  • Google is the largest search engine in the world. And they own YouTube
  • Anything you do on YouTube will be picked up on by Google – so having videos on YouTube improve your Search Engine ranking in general and lead more people to your business
  • You can optimize your videos with tags and keywords that Google will pick up on
  • Google loves video content and will push you higher up in searches if you have videos on YouTube
  • Google almost exclusively promotes videos hosted on YouTube
  • Google doesn´t understand a voice, so you can copy your blog to a videoblog and post it on YouTube without being done for duplication (as long as you don´t write the same text in the video information box)
  • Many people now bypass Google and go straight to YouTube to search for tutorials or presentations, so if you´re not on YouTube, you miss out on all those organic searches for help
  • YouTube has 1 billion visitors every month and more than 50% of video content is sales related (not cats and prank videos) It certainly has become a platform not only for kids
  • More and more adults follow their chosen channels
  • People can subscribe to your channel and get an Email directly when you´ve posted a new video
  • You can spread your YouTube videos on Google Plus and Twitter with a tick of a box
  • You can interact, subscribe, like and comment on other peoples videos, just like any other social media page
  • You can monetize your videos and gain a direct revenue from YouTube itself
  • You can embed your videos on many other platforms, which makes your video sharing easier
  • A video tutorial or How-to video gives your client a much better understanding of what you do


If you´re still unsure why you should be on YouTube, why not get in touch and we can have a chat about what would work best for you.

We can lift any part of the video process from your shoulders; from production to implementation to optimization and management.

If you´re interested in learning more about how to create your own videoblogs, check our upcoming courses and events, or book in for a bespoke session.

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