Introduction to video blogging for business

vlog course


Record your own videoblogs and edit them, all on your smartphone!

Video is considered the most important content form on social media in 2019 and if you want to raise your company’s visibility, you’ve got to start creating videos.

We’re holding an introduction to video blogging course on Tue 26th March at Platf9rm in Hove. It’s a great course for business owners, as well as digital marketing agencies who want to know more about video to advice their clients.

  • Understand the power of social media video
  • The basic equipment you need for vlogging
  • Camera Confidence
  • How to NOT sell in your videos
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Getting your videos seen
  • Optimising your video
  • Introduction to YouTube


Date: Tue 26th March 2019

Time: 10-1pm

Venue: Platf9rm Hove (not Brighton, there are two!) in Town Hall, Tisbury Road

Price: £95/pp


Video blogging is a fantastic channel to make direct contact with your audience and an opportunity to build up credibility and trust.

General course content:

We take you through all the steps of video blogging: from camera equipment to optimising your videos online to generate the best return for your business.

Part 1) Setting up

Why we should be Vlogging

What vlogging will do for you if you do it the right way

Cameras, tripods, microphones

Lights and Sound

Part 2) The Process

Who can vlog what

Where should we film and why

Content management

What to analyze before, structure, content, branding and more

Part 3) Upwards and Onwards

Transferring and organising the footage

Introduction to editing on your smartphone

YouTube: Channels, tagging, keywords etc


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