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When a full day´s video production flows like a relaxing meditation session, it´s a pure bliss to work.

How is this possible…?

Tip number 1: Work with wise and wonderful people who spend their time supporting people to live a better life!

Video production team, The Vlog Academy
Mi Elfverson, Emma Rae, Michael Miller, Jillian Lavender, Leesa Whisker, Lizzie Court

Last year the lovely Jillian and Michael from London Mediation Centre contacted us at The Vlog Academy to see if we could help them integrate more video content into their marketing. They wanted to have videos both to give more support to their current clients as well as inviting prospective clients to their meditation sessions.

We dived into their business to find out what it was about and how videos could be integrated into their social media and Email campaigns. We analysed their positioning in London and New York, who their main clients are, their brand message and style and all the other information that gives us an understanding of how we need to proceed to create content that finds its way to their viewer.

Video production team, The Vlog Academy
In full preparation of the shoot

Jillian and Michael wanted to have some professional quality videos produced by us, but they also wanted to boost their confidence and understanding of how to produce their own video blogs, so we decided to do a day´s training on the foundations of videoblogging and content planning, and then do the film shoot after.

Jillian of London Meditation Centre
Jillian Lavender or London Meditation Centre

Jillian, with her many years of teaching meditation and a background in the corporate industries, wanted to feel more confident in front of the camera. She felt that perhaps her words wouldn´t come together and that she wouldn´t be able to share her expertise the same way as with a live audience.

Michael, a New York former actor and with years of experience of talking about meditation in front of large audiences, felt more concerned about how to structure the content and reach the viewer at a deeper level.

Video filming Michael of London Meditation Centre
Michael Miller from London Meditation Centre

The training spanned from why video blogging works, to how to plan your video content for a year, and after that, they felt ready for the filming day together. A bit uneasy at first, but with the help of a hair and make-up artist and a stylist, confidence about their looks was at top – and they were just amazing in front of the camera!

Make up for filming
Hair and Make up artist Lizzie Court and Stylist Leesa Whisker preparing Jillian

A few months after the first batch of videos were delivered we heard back from them again. The first campaign had been so successful they wanted to create more videos! So we booked in a second shoot.

This time they knew what they were doing. They came in prepared, knowing their target audience, their video persona, the key message and purpose of their videos; so much less preparation work for us to get involved in. And they rocked the videos – nailed every one of them. The collaboration with the team has been beautiful all the way through, the filming has been flawless and the result magnificent.

video production for London Meditation Centre
Jillian seen through the camera monitor

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