Crash course in Vlogging

Crash course in Vlogging for beginners


The perfect introduction to video blogging (vlogging) for business if you have no idea why, what or how to do it yourself!

We give you all the information you need to be able to set up the best camera for vlogging, be yourself in front of the camera, understand more about the YouTube platform and how to best reach your target audience with your vlogs.

Price: £75/pp

MNC Members £5 discount, please add coupon code “MNC2016”


General course content:

We take you through all the steps of video blogging: from camera equipment to optimising your videos online to generate the best return for your business.
You can then become part of our online members Forum where we hold your hand and give you practice tasks to make sure you get started, move on and keep it up.
Mary Meadows Badass Testimonial

Part 1) Setting up

Why we should be Vlogging

What vlogging will do for you if you do it the right way

Cameras, tripods, microphones

Lights and white balance

Part 2) The Process

Who can vlog what

Where should we film and why

Content management

What to analyze before, structure, content, branding and more

Part 3) Upwards and Onwards

Transferring and organising the footage

Editing softwares, do:s and don´t:s

YouTube: Channels, tagging, keywords etc

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