Crash course in Video blogging including iMovie

Crash course in Video blogging for beginners including intro to iMovie editing


We kick off our autumn training with this beginner´s introduction to video blogging (vlogging) for business!

If you´re in business, you probably know you should be vlogging, but if you have no idea how to do it – then this is the perfect course for you!

We give you all the information you need to be able to set off by yourself:

  • What basic equipment you need and how to use it
  • The ultimate vlog structure
  • Types of videos
  • Relax in front of the camera
  • Connect with your audience
  • Understand more about the YouTube platform
  • How to best reach your target audience with your vlogs
  • Introduction to iMovie editing


The course is held in the Creative Media Suite at New Work Training, where all students will have a computer in front of them to be able to follow the work easier and have a go at editing.

There will be video examples, equipment to examine and test filming.

Date: Thur 29th Sept 10-3pm

Price: £235/pp

The course will be held at the New Work Training Creative Media Suite at Sussex Cricket Grounds

(You can get from London Victoria to Brighton in 50 minutes, trains run several times an hour, also from London Bridge. Carry on with Bus No 7 towards George Street to Holland Road/Cricket Ground 10min, then it´s a short walk)


General course content:

We take you through all the steps of video blogging: from camera equipment to optimising your videos online to generate the best return for your business.
You can then become part of our online members Forum where we hold your hand and give you practice tasks to make sure you get started, move on and keep it up.
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Part 1) Setting up

What vlogging will do for you if you do it the right way

Cameras, tripods, microphones

Lights and white balance

Part 2) The Process

Find confidence in front of the camera

How to connect with your audience

Vlog structure

Part 3) Upwards and Onwards

YouTube: Channels, tagging, keywords etc

An introduction to editing in iMovie




To find out more about Mi, please click here: ABOUT MI ELFVERSON

Video producer, teacher Mi Elfverson
Video producer, teacher Mi Elfverson


For any questions, please call us on 01273 640045 or Email on


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