House of Colour starts vlogging


House of Colour starts vlogging
House of Colour starts vlogging

We´ve had a fantastic time getting to know House of Colour a bit better – a company that provides expertly trained stylists all over the country help you find your colours and shapes that suit you as an individual.

So you can imagine it was a rather colourful bunch of lovely ladies and one very elegant gentleman who joined us for a very comprehensive vlog journey together with our three coaches.

The first step was a Webinar with our Content Journalist Miranda Birch. She focussed on their lightbulb moments and what she does so extremely well is get people to understand how much content we already have in our possession thanks to our history, knowledge and passion for what we do.

Moving on to the hands-on training day, Mi Elfverson went through all the essentials about the structure and the set up of a vlog.

Now, we know that most people have a fear of going in front of the camera, so one of the first steps we need to get to terms with is to get more confident talking to our audience.

Sandie Armstrong, our Business Coach and a professional actress, has a whole toolkit for people who need to get more assertive and believe they can become vloggers, and I can just say it was a joy to see that we had  the whole room churning out vlogs with confident smiles already by the mid afternoon!

House of Colour:


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