Corporate training to enhance video communication

One of the fastest growing parts of The Vlog Academy is our corporate training to enhance video communication.

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Video training at New Work Training

According to Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be video based content in the next year or two.

I´ve been following these numbers for a few years and it´s clear that online video is not declining. It´s rocketing. Even within corporate industries – and here we need training in place.


Not only are we watching more and more video online for our own entertainment (and to see what shop keepers are trying to sell us for Christmas or Mother´s day!), but video is becoming an increasingly important tool for delivering research, presentations and even job applications within and between businesses.

Video conferencing has been around for many years already, but we´re now steadily moving towards the individual delivery format, where one person needs to be able to set up and record a video, to share their knowledge inside or outside the organisation, and potentially go out to a public audience with their final result.

It´s important to look confident. It´s important to be your best. It´s important to deliver top content. And, it´s important to have a quality video recording, where the viewer actually can both see and hear you delivering your valuable information. It´s important that you connect with your viewer and come across as a credible person. It´s crucial that the look of the final production resonates with your whole brand. Video is important. Because the brain reads into every part of it, and all together, this is your brand talking to your prospective clients.


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Mi Elfverson, Corporate Trainer, video communication

Last week I held a training course at the very well renowned King´s College in London to a group of PhD students. The focus was for me to get them to understand the importance video communication will have in the very near future, when they want to establish themselves within a global experts environment.

So we started off with a crash course in how and why videoblogging is considered the most powerful online marketing tool available, and then went on to focus on how they can handle their own video publications, and finally how to connect on a deeper level with their audience by sharing their true passion to establish their credibility and come across as a trustworthy source of information.

The subject of the group was the Zebra Fish. Yep, a whole group of 15 people, all experts on the Zebra Fish. So there you have it. When you´re in an environment with competition – or collaborators – you really need to make sure you stand out. That your personality comes across clearly to differentiate yourself, that you´re engaging with the viewer and that you have something unique to say. Because there´s competition. Collaborators to choose between. Experts to trust. And a global audience ready to listen and learn.

If you want to book us in to come and deliver a corporate training session, please get in touch and we can discuss it further!



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