2-day vlog training course


Gain complete confidence and control that lasts.

Learn to master your own video blog set up and get professional support to nail your confident delivery in front of the camera. That´s right, we will teach you to grasp your own authentic appearance once and for all so you can remain consistent and engaging throughout all your videos with a clear focus on your own expertise and content.

No previous training, equipment or Hollywood experience needed!

14+15th June

10am – 4.30pm

Brighton, UK

Who are the best teachers for vlogging!

This course will give you everything you need to be able to kick off your own video blogging.

Working with our three teachers, you will define your unique story, you will find compelling content to create a structured vlog calendar, you will find confidence behind and in front of the camera to be able to go out and tell the world about your business as a go-to expert in your field.

You will be working with us before and after the course and be part of a closed members´ group to follow up on the videos you create yourself.

The total value of this course is £4.700

Price: £1.500

Extra Special Early Bird Offer: Get your buddy onboard! Buy two tickets and get one half price (offer ends 20th May)



I just wanted to say a massive Thank you again for the wonderful course that I have just taken with you guys. 

I watched my final 2 videos back again last night and I’m really proud of them and feel that with all your kind support and expertise you really helped me to gain an understanding of myself and my motivation and the confidence to express things that were profound  and far beyond what I came there knowing. It has been incredibly helpful to me on a spiritual level. 

I went for a walk after the course yesterday and felt that my energy had returned to me as if something quite fundamental had been let go of and very important work done. 

I was not expecting anything like that from that course and you really delivered much more than I could have hoped for. 

Keep on with the good work!

All the best 

Rosa Roberts 


Vlog teacher Miranda Birch

MIRANDA BIRCH: Content journalist with a background from BBC Radio 4


You may not have seen or even heard her, but Miranda Birch is behind the success of many prominent business people´s TV and radio appearances and used to produce ‘Woman’s Hour’ and ‘Desert Island Discs’ on BBC Radio 4.

Miranda is a specialist in listening to people´s stories. She has an outstanding skill to tease out the hidden parts that will draw in your target audience. With Miranda´s initial personal 1:1 Skype interview, you will find out things about yourself you didn´t even know, get a clear picture of your business strengths and goals, achieve confidence in your delivery and find compelling content that will cover several future video blogs.

Miranda enables you to pinpoint the most interesting and important parts of your unique story. By talking to you about your past, present and future goals, she will help you extract snippets of compelling content, keywords and sentences that can be used as brickwork to create the frame of your whole content strategy.

After the Skype interview, you´ll work out a structure for your presentation video and we will analyse your thoughts when we meet with Miranda chairing a group discussion.

You will walk away feeling more confident about your unique selling points and will have a whole arsenal of potential vlog titles.

If you think this sounds scary, don´t worry! Miranda is the sweetest and most gentle coach you could work with, and her humble attitude to people and life makes you feel relaxed and cared for in the best way possible!


“Releasing the Block” Video Practice (7-day personal training course in front of the camera)

This is a very popular practice that gives our members a massive break-through in front of the camera. By gently motioning you to pick up your camera (or most people work with their smartphone) and record very basic messages in answer to a daily question, you will start relaxing and move away from thinking about your looks to focussing on your message. It usually takes about three days, then people are breaking through as their confident and relaxed selves!

Testimonial about Releasing the block:



Introduction: meet the coaches

MIRANDA BIRCH: Content presentation & Strategy

This is where Miranda will help you to present your important key points, finding the purpose of your business and allowing your expertise to shine through.

The group will be giving important feedback from an audience point of view.


SANDIE ARMSTRONG: Professional Actress and Business Coach with her own theatre company and experience from coaching large organisations like Rolls Royce, JP Morgan and HM Treasury


Getting your ego out of the way and boosting your confidence

Sandie has an amazing experience from both film and theatre and has picked up some simple tricks and tools to build up your confidence and find your own authentic voice. She will help you get past looking into that black hole of the camera and start talking directly to your target audience instead in an engaging and relaxed way.

You will practice extracts from your own Presentation video* in front of the camera and get feedback from her and the group. By working with your own material and vlog content, you will gain an understanding of how to be your very best in front of the camera, finding your persona, and ultimately connect with your audience in an authentic way.

The group practice goes deeply into your own journey and often brings out profound stories, creating strong tools to support your credibility and trust with your target audience.

Previous members of our training has found this a very strong training, so be prepared that it can bring out some emotions too!

Camera and equipment teacher for vlogging Mi Elfverson

MI ELFVERSON: Founder of The Vlog Academy, Video producer and videographer with experience from working with organisations such as SVT and ITV, commercials for Eriksson, Kellogg´s and auditioning actors for James Bond films


Hands on equipment: Film each other + presentation

Mi started in film and TV more than 25 years ago and has worked on hundreds of commercials, TV shows and even major Hollywood productions. She has worked closely with over a thousand actors, extras and also un-trained business people in front of the camera. With her expert eye, she very quickly sees the best set up for a person, the camera and the lights.

Mi will give directions to different, very simple, camera and light set ups in a natural home environment or location. You will then practice these set ups, recording your group members while they are practicing their vlog stories, so you get used to handling the basic equipment for your own set-ups at home.

We will be filming each other both days, so you need to come prepared for both being in front of the camera and being viewed by your own group… Don´t worry, you´ll get to love your group very quickly and feel safe and relaxed in no time!


YouTube Channel optimisation / Video marketing strategy

We go through the basic settings of the very extensive and sometimes a bit confusing YouTube platform, allowing for you to start using YouTube as a social media platform and reaching more clients.

We look at how to upload a video and how to optimise it in YouTube, linking it to our social media and website.

We go through how to find keywords and tagging your video and we talk about your content strategy and plan.

what do you need to start a vlog?

Testimonial about the teachers:

I loved working with all three coaches, it was a perfect balance of expertise, so much quality learning!



  • Feedback on your own videos
  • Access to all video tutorials
  • 2 x Skype calls with coaches
  • 3 months Membership to Closed Forum
  • Post Videos and get feedback from your community
  • Accountability Buddy
  • Open Forum networking meetings every month

This is what you will get from the course:

  • Find Compelling Vlog Content in Your Unique Story
  • Build Up Key Words For Your Vlogs
  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Practice The Tools Of Communication With Your Audience
  • Get Confident In Front Of The Camera
  • Understand Your Ultimate Camera Set Up
  • Start Seeing Light And Shadow
  • Get Your Youtube Channel In Place and Looking Fab
  • Start Optimising Your Videos
  • Get Feedback on the videos you´ve recorded

CLICK TO BOOKTerms and conditions apply, please see further T&C page for full details.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us on:


Tel: 01273 640045

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