A young fashion video blogger from Dubai

I just LOVE the energy of our youngest Vlog Academy student from Dubai – Sarisha! ❤️ 💥 💃

She´s only 11 years old and look what she´s doing; this is only her third video since the video blog course in London a couple of weeks ago! (Ok, I think she may have a couple of extra hands to assist her, but still!!)

She looooves fashion and has started her own fashion channel called SARISHA´S STYLE in Dubai where she will share the latest trends from some major high-street fashion brands.

Do support her by subscribing to her YouTube channel please: SARISHA´S STYLE!

Her passion and drive really shines through and I just know that her channel is going to explode soon and she´ll continue on a brilliant vlog career.

And if she can do it…. couldn´t you…?

Next vlog course coming up in London and Brighton in May: CLICK HERE FOR NEXT COURSE DATES



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