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As part of the GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR WEEK / GEW 2016 and the Mumpreneurs Networking Club pop ups, we herewith bring you the beautiful and very powerful event

What would you say to your 18 year old self if you could write a letter back in time?

£10.00 per person – all money raised at this GEW event will be donated to a local Brighton Charity – Samara’s Aid Appeal

Have you ever wondered what growing up might have been like if you had known what you know now when you were younger?

What would you tell your eighteen-year old self now, looking back, having
experienced the joys and the pains of growing up and finding your place in
the world?

Would it make a difference?

Come and spend the morning with some inspiring women entrepreneurs and write
a letter to yourself at the age of 18!

This can be a powerful and also healing process. It can give you a new
clarity on where you are now and how far you have come. It will
give you a perspective of how much you have achieved – a new
level of awareness to support you in the process of establishing yourself as a valid entity of your own to be able to step out there with confidence and self-belief.

Not only is writing a letter to yourself as a girl a great self development
tool, it is also a way to share a life story – the good and the not so good –
to inspire and support another young woman, who is just about to start
steering her own life.

This event was inspired by Victoria Beckham´s beautiful letter to herself, written in Vogue UK´s October issue. This brought Mi Elfverson (Founder of The Vlog Academy) to think about the power this could have and how it could support other young girls out there.

Rarely do girls get any positive advice from more experienced women these
days: school is boring, mum is nagging, relatives are distant and magazines
only talk about body image and fashion.

Here´s a way to support a young generation of entrepreneurs, ready to embark
on the journey we started many years ago. Maybe someone who´s a little bit
like you, will listen to your story and be inspired by it.

Letters To The Young will be entered into a blog format. You can choose
whether you want to make your letter public or not, if you want to enter
with your name, or be anonymous.


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