PRICE: £595

Our VIP TRAINING is an individual online training option, where you get personal attention and feedback on your videos.

You’ll learn how to set up to film yourself at home or in your office, enhance your camera confidence, be more aligned with your brand, create credibility and trust, understand how you can build up a larger and returning audience and find out more about what type of videos you should be creating to reach your audience.


  • The Online Crash Course in Videoblogging
  • Personal Focus Skype Call
  • Vip 5-Day online Vlog Practice with personal feedback on your videos
  • Follow Up Skype Call
  • Unique tools & templates
  • Supplier list for equipment




PRICE: £1,250


*In-person price based on meeting in Brighton

VIP GRANDE is a bespoke package based on your personal needs and goals. We can tailor it so you get more confidence support from us or more technical support. We can focus more or less on your brand message and strategy, depending on what you’re aim is.


  • Personal Focus Skype Call
  • The Online Crash Course in Videoblogging
  • Vip 5-Day online Vlog Practice with personal feedback on your videos
  • Implemented YouTube Channel and personalised YouTube banner
  • Video Strategy Call
  • Visual Content report
  • Competitor comparison
  • Target Audience platform diagnostic
  • Video Style guide
  • Follow Up Skype Call
  • Unique tools & templates
  • Supplier list for equipment



PRICE: £1,250 incl VAT

  1. Half a day’s filming

I come to you with my equipment and we create as many videos as you want

2) We continue in the afternoon with a hands-on vlog practice

I go through the foundation of online video and you get to do your own set-ups, practice filming and editing etc.

Please get in touch to discuss this further on

Or Tel: 01273 640045

Our individual coaching options are perfect if you want to step up your online visibility, but you want to make sure you do it the best way

Online training in video blogging by The Vlog AcademyLearn vlogging on your smartphone

Our VIP options have been created to support determined business owners anywhere in the world, who want to strengthen their online presence.

Previous clients from the UK, Sweden and California USA have found enormous help from our focussed and in-depth calls, the video strategy reports and content recommendations. With increased camera confidence, a more streamlined message and masses of content ideas to keep you set for a long time ahead, this covers all your needs.

This training and implementation will boost your confidence going in front of the camera, as well as teaching you how to technically manage both the filming and the optimisation of your videos, to give you support and feedback to make sure you’e on the right track – and assure you that you continue your journey in the best way.

We train you to be your best self to allow you to connect with your clients on a deeper level and to build up a returning audience.

We do the analytic and strategy diagnostic for you so you can just cruise along.

“The Vlog Academy’s service all began with a very comprehensive survey of what videos we currently were doing and what our competitors were up to. It continued to go into our brand and the various ways we can use video to support our business; what types of videos, how and where to place them as part of our marketing strategy – all this was incredibly useful. Really helpful tutorials and feedback on our videos and the logistics of setting up to do quick videos is now easy and the technical fears have been conquered.

We’re using video much more now and if we need any more help, The Vlog Academy and Mi is our go-to person whenever we need anything to do with video.”

Melissa Hood, The Parent Practice

If you’re looking to produce your own videos and want to enhance the look and feel of the videos, this is the perfect way to get it on the move.

You can contact us directly on or call us on:

Tel: +44-(0)1273-640045

We look forward to hearing from you!