Putting your thoughts on paper is easier than putting them into a video.

This is why we are here to help you film your high-end videos.

We can plan, film, edit and optimise your videos, so you can stay focussed on what you do best.

We also help with camera confidence and video strategy/implementation.

Having a professional video produced, will raise the look and feel of your whole business. Creating a whole bunch of video blogs will give you content to drip feed to your audience over a longer period of time.

Many of our clients batch shoot a bunch of videos, then they come back after three or six months for more.

Authors, business coaches, lawyers, chocolatiers, interior designers, beauticians – there´s not one single profession that can´t make use of videos to raise their online presence.

How much does a video cost? you ask.

How long is a piece of string – or how much does it cost to build a house? we answer.

Every production is different and we need to look at each project to be able to give you a quote.


Get in touch on Tel: 01273 640045 or Email:


We put all our attention into every detail:

  • We discuss your content before you go on camera
  • We keep you on track and make sure what you say is to the point
  • We make sure you know who you´re talking to
  • We ensure your call to action is sharpened
  • We keep your tone and driving emotion engaged
  • We make sure your hair, clothes and make up isn´t falling off you!
  • We make sure that the look of your video ties in with your brand message
  • We can help you find the best location and we can book hair and makeup team.


We want to make sure we create videos that not only look good, but get seen.

Here´s just a few examples of our videos:


I was in need for someone to help me bring to life what was in my head. I had all these quotes but wanted to express them on video.

I googled “Video Bloggers” and Mi’s name came up. Within a few days we had arranged our meeting in Brighton.

I can only say good things about my experience working with Mi. We shot approx. 25 videos in the space of 6 hours! Yes we did a lot in a short space of time. It is because I knew what I wanted and she was professional enough to bring it all into reality.

Within 24 hours my videos were done and now they are slowly being posted on my Youtube channel.

I like working with people who GET IT and Mi Elfverson – GETS IT !


Alpesh H. Patel, Author of TESTED

We have created many of Galia Orme´s videos for CHOC Chick and even travelled with her to Ecuador to cover her products journey from seed to distribution centre.

We create both recipe videos and short Social Media videos for Facebook and Instagram like the one above.

Mi has an exceptional eye. Her photographs and films are simply beautiful and she seems to bring the best out of everything she sees and everyone she meets. She has a very engaging manner that makes filming with her an absolute joy.

Mi has filmed and edited the recipe videos for CHOC Chick for the past 3 years and we also travelled together to Ecuador to film our suppliers and cocoa plantations.

Working with Mi is always a fun,creative and extremely professional experience. I would highly recommend her and look forward to working together on many more exciting projects!

Galia Orme, CHOC Chick

We created a batch of videos for Karen Skidmore to give her video content to send out with newsletters and to upload to Social Media and YouTube.

More than a videographer, Mi not only makes you completely relax in front of the camera, she gets focused on who you’re looking to speak to and the emotion you want them to feel.

Professional and highly creative – I highly recommend you get in touch if you’re looking for simple but highly effective videos for your marketing assets.

Karen Skidmore, Business Coach


The beauty of video blogging

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