A few of the latest clients:

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Course Comments:

“I just wanted to say a massive Thank you again for the wonderful course that I have just taken with you guys. 

I watched my final 2 videos back again last night and I’m really proud of them and feel that with  all your kind support and expertise you really helped me to gain an understanding of myself and my motivation and the confidence to express things that were profound  and far beyond what I came there knowing. It has been incredibly helpful to me on a spiritual level. 

I went for a walk after the course yesterday and felt that my energy had returned to me as if something quite fundamental had been let go of and very important work done. 

I was not expecting anything like that from that course and you really delivered much more than I could have hoped for.”

/ Rosa Roberts, SketchOut

“As a franchise organisation we always  walk that line between needing to hold the high brand standard in the centre of the organisation and wanting to allow our Personal Stylists freedom to communicate with their clients using their own voice and personalities.  Vlogging is an obvious way forward for us because so much of what we do is visual but we wanted to gain some expertise amongst the Stylists so they could support the standard and so some practical training was what we needed.  Mi and Sandie from the Vlog Academy were introduced to us and we engaged them for a days training for 8 of our Stylists at our HQ facility.  We had so much fun!  And so of course the learning followed. Lots of practical work on set up, lighting, composition and filming technique and lots of time to practice getting over ourselves on camera. 

We are now beginning to produce our own video content and as MD I am confident the standards we set will be upheld.  I would highly recommend the Vlog academy.”

/ Helen Venables, The House of Colour


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