We work with companies of all sizes

We work with solopreneurs, medium size companies and international corporations.

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We offer all types of video production as well as bespoke video strategy.

Video production can be complex and for most people it´s a foreign world. For us it´s easier, because we have 25 years of experience from high-end film and TV production. We help you assess your needs to make sure you get what´s most valuable for your business.

  • VIDEO STRATEGY / Keyword research, niche audit, YouTube comparison
  • PREPARING / Analysing your unique story to create video content
  • FILMING / incl. coaching you in front of the camera
  • EDITING / making sure your videos look high-end
  • POST PRODUCTION / incl. animated intros and extros
  • MUSIC SOURCING / or bespoke composition
  • VIDEO OPTIMISATION / Implementing a strategic video placement plan

  • ONLINE COURSE FILMING / You know your material. We film and edit it.

A growing online marketing niche is online courses. We come to you and set up, we film your videos, take them back and edit them and put that glossy touch to your course.

You can see some examples of what we’ve produced on our YouTube playlist “Videos we’ve produced”




You know what you want to say and you want your videos to look and sound high-end.

We set you up in our studio so you don´t have to worry about a thing! We film you against eg a white backdrop to keep it neat and simple.

You receive the separate video clips, or we can edit your videos and add an intro and extro, texts and graphics, social media links etc.

From and hour to a full day´s shoot. We can supply an auto-cue (teleprompter) so you can read your script without anyone noticing.



We come to your office or to a location of your choice with our crew (size depending on budget) and film you in your own environment where you feel comfortable.


We give you the foundation training to launch your own video blog career and we film your presentation video at high quality to set the tone.

We spend a day with you where we start with a crash course in video blogging, and then raise your confidence by giving you tips and tools to move away from your ego and then you get to practice your authentic persona in front of the camera.

In the afternoon we film your presentation video, which you can use on your website, on YouTube and of course send out to prospective clients. We´ll assist you in front of the camera to make sure you come across as authentic, genuine and charismatic to win a returning audience.

We edit your presentation video and add an Intro, Music and an Extro, which you can keep and insert into any future video blogs as your own unique template.

We will work with you before and after the shoot to make sure everything is aligned with your core values and brand message.

The package is bespoke and can be adapted to your needs.


You know you need a comprehensive video strategy and someone to help you make it happen before you can start churning out your extraordinary videos to stay ahead of the competition.

We analyse your brand message, core values and USP to create your online persona.

We research your niche to find keywords and video content.

We do a full market analysis to create a strategic video placement plan.

We look for your stories, your clients´ stories from their experience with you and assist you with putting together a content plan for the next 12 weeks.

We film your video/videos as per our bespoke plan so they fit in with your strategy (eg a presentation video and a series of video blogs) we edit the videos, we insert intro, extro, animated logo, music and texts to raise the quality of the look.

We optimise your videos to make sure they reach your target audience.

The package is bespoke and can be adapted to your needs.


For the serious company who wants the ultimate video presence online.

We create a beautiful creative commercial for you; a video that makes you stand out in a completely different way. We make a video people will want to share. A video no one will forget.

Let´s talk. Let´s make videos. Let´s get you out there.

We offer

The Vlog Academy works with highly professional industry experts, who all will tie in with your project where you need it the most. The core of the team consist of:

Video Producer Mi Elfverson

Video Strategy and SEO specialist Georgia Rooney

Content Journalist Miranda Birch

Business Coach and Professional Actress Sandie Armstrong

We also have 3D Animators, Graphic Designers, Musicians and full film crew at hand.

Please get in touch so we can see how we best can support your video production.

Email: courses@vlogacademy.com

Tel: 01273 640045

The Vlog Academy work with True North Vision, a video production company specialising in creative promotional video. Our company is currently re-shaping to become The Vlog Academy and Vlog Productions, so new website is currently

For more information or examples, please get in touch on courses@vlogacademy.com

We also like to travel. Especially to warm countries with sandy beaches.

We will be filming in Ecuador, Sweden, Scotland, Morocco and Crete this year.

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