Every year I work directly with a charity to help them raise their visibility with photos and video.

The little money I could give would be nowhere near the same level of support I can give by creating a video that can be shared thousands of times, get on local TV and hit the news.

We´re all feeling the uncertainty of the times and many of us are stepping up to take action – but no one I know has done a bigger job to help those who are suffering than Samara Levy.

Samara is a local mum where I live. She has started her own aid appeal for Syria and Iraq. Watch the video above to find out how it all started and how she has been able to send Lorry Number 48 full of winter clothes and medical support to the Middle East. Our next video will be Samara´s story about the two mobile hospitals she´s set up and the Widow and Orphan funding.

This morning we had no milk left in the house. And I wondered what to give my son for breakfast. These people have no house left. And they usually get no breakfast at all. And it´s snowing.

Please share this video. To help the people in real need.

Mi Elfverson, Founder of The Vlog Academy

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Samara´s Aid Appeal