How we can help boost a business with video blogging

We offer completely bespoke packages and services. Many of our clients start with our crash course in video blogging for beginners, then they come back to book a day with us to film some quality videos.

We offer our regular clients full service including video strategy, a campaign outline, high quality video production (incl editing, intros, extros, music, 3D-animations and/or motion graphics) and campaign management and follow up on the outcome so we can give suggested alterations based on statistics.

Author ALPESH PATEL came to us to get some short and snappy quality video blogs for his book launch.

We spent a day together, first creating an abundance of shorter video blogs (21 videos!) out and about to plug the book on social media, then focussing on his YouTube page to optimise it and makes sure it all was inline with his branding. We also got some personal portraits done to enhance his online visibility.

Galia Orme of CHOCChick has developed her own raw chocolate products. We meet once a month to batch shoot some videos for her to dripfeed into her campaigns. This gives her a massive online presence and a link for larger retailers to tap into.

Through our in-depth video strategy service, we found a completely new niche of videos for her to create, based on the health benefits of the Raw chocolate, and by doing a competitor analysis, we started creating shorter Top Tip videos that fitted with the new trends of short Instagram promotional vlogs in the square format.

Thanks to our videos, Galia has risen from a small kitchen producer to a fully operational business, being stocked at Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods among other shops, covering over 600 retail outlets in just the UK and many more around the world.

IMG_6088  lab_7632

We have had a close look at her place in the market, analysed her position and researched keywords for her videos. We film, edit and insert Intros, Extros, graphic and music.

We Optimise Galia´s videos to make sure the right people can find the videos online and we help getting them exposure through our Social Media pages.

We accompanied Galia to Ecuador to film the whole journey of the Raw Organic Cocoa Bean, from the plantations to the packaging warehouse in England to create visual content for a long time to come and fill her website with beautiful adequate shots of her products and the people she work with.

“Video is key for us and we want to continue to work closely with The Vlog Academy to produce as much video content as possible in 2016.” Galia Orme, Founder, ChocChick

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CHOC Chick Testimonial for True North Vision

Cathy Phillips is an interior designer who turns mediocre homes into heavenly havens. We film the properties for her, which gives her new clients an idea of who she is, how she works and they can also see her style and how a project develops. We also do the still images from the properties and have done a series of personal portraits.

“The Vlog Academy has really helped me bring out my authentic story and make my brand message clear to both myself and my clients. The quality of the video production is excellent, from beginning to end. My clients see my video blogs and that´s how they know it´s me they want to work with” Cathy Phillips, Cathy Phillips & Co.

Video blog production for Cathy Phillips

Training videos, service videos and promotional videos

A series of training videos can be shot in shorter time than you might think. We supply an autocue/teleprompter so you can read your script to the camera without anyone noticing.

IMG_0715  Video production for The Parent Practice

Suzanne Dibble is Richard Branson´s former legal advisor and now runs her own business in London. We shot all the videos for her Legal Academy training programme.

Click on the image to see Suzanne´s testimonial:

Testimonial about Mi and The Vlog Academy by Suzanne Dibble

The Parent Practice needed videos for their super helpful training programme for parenting, so we shot 11 videos together.

Click on the image below to see Elaine´s testimonial:

ET vid

We work with companies of all sizes

We work with solopreneurs, medium size companies and international corporations.

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We also like to travel. Especially to warm countries with sandy beaches.

We will be filming in Ecuador, Sweden, Scotland, Morocco and Crete this year.

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