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Social Media Video Content Experts

Video blogging is not just for teenagers anymore – vlogging is now regarded as the most powerful online marketing tool available in business!




With video you will reach many more people, you’ll rank higher, sell more, and be more efficient.

Video can increase your online visibility, gain you more credibility and trust, magnify your brand and connect you deeper with a prospective and returning audience.

At The Vlog Academy, we can either teach you to vlog or we can produce your vlogs. Or we can do a bit of both.

We also train your staff to look more professional and come across as more affable in videos and conference talks.

Video is the quickest and most efficient way to reach your target audience. If you do it right.

We cover all your visibility parts:

  • TRAINING (video blog training for groups, individuals, academies, corporate, online)
  • VIDEO STRATEGY (from keyword research to niche placement)
  • FILMING (We put together beautiful, edited videos for you with texts and animated intro)
  • VIDEO OPTIMISATION (we make sure your video reaches your audience)
  • PHOTOGRAPHY (portraits, lifestyle, corporate photos in style, tying in with your brand)


Telling your story is important

We raise your visibility and make you the expert.

Gutenberg´s printing press launched Europe into the Renaissance and since then, the written word has been the key way of communicating around the globe. But there´s now a new medium raising faster and stronger than any other form of communication: video.

Cisco has predicted that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. So we need to start regarding video as a serious part of our future marketing and communication.

THE VLOG ACADEMY knows vlogging from start to finish. We´re like the Gutenberg of video.

More and more companies come to us because they´ve understood that they need to reform their connection with their clients; they need to start telling their story in a more open and direct way.

A few ideas on what we can do for you:

  • Social media video skills and video communication for staff, sales teams and marketing departments
  • Corporate team building day
  • Training PhD Students to communicate their research through video
  • Turn bloggers into vloggers
  • Prepare students for recorded job interviews and training for the future
  • Training visual consultants in sharing updates and new products on video


Just some of our clients:

We work with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small and large companies and organisations.

Some people who have done our vlog training:

Electrician, Chocolatier, Nutritionist, Parental Adviser, Accountant, Priest, Beautician, Interior Designer, Costume Designer, Photographer, Business Mentor, Hotel Owner, Masseuse, Hairdresser, Personal Trainer, Digital Marketing Agent, yoga teacher, chef and many more.

The Vlog Academy services

Our team:

Our team members have long and extensive industry experience and have worked with world leading commercial agencies, BBC, Sky, ITV and hundreds of corporate clients.

Mi Elfverson: Founder of The Vlog Academy, video producer and videographer


Miranda Birch: Content Journalist, using her BBC experience to help businesses stand outTVA_0080

Sandie Armstrong: Professional Actress & Business Coach, helping you find your authentic voiceTVA_0075

Georgia Rooney: Video Strategy and SEO, making sure you get a return on your investment


We also supply a service for portraits, lifestyle- and corporate photography and make it fit in with your brand look on your website and printed material, as well as on Linkedin and Social Media.